Info & Frequently Asked Questions

Nutriyum creates Fresh, Healthy, Homemade Baby Food for busy mom’s & dad’s that want to give only the best to their baby, but do not have the time to cook from scratch.  

Payment Options 

Cash on Delivery
Cash on Collection
Online EFT (Bank Transfer)

Delivery Charges

R40 for Ballito & Salt Rock.
R100 for Durban North & Umhlanga.
Other locations – Custom Pricing

General Info

Collection on Tuesday & Thursday.
Delivery on Friday Afternoons only.
FREE delivery on all orders over R1000.

Our Portion Sizes

The Nutriyum Stage One & stage Two baby food portions are packaged in pouches of 12 cubes & each cube consists of 25ml giving you a total of 300ml per pack. This allows you to gradually increase your baby’s portion size as your baby grows and their appetite increases.

The Nutriyum Stage Three portions are individually packaged tubs of 225ml and sold as a complete frozen meal.

Serving & Storage

Storing Your Nutriyum Baby Food

Your baby food must be kept in the freezer and can be kept frozen for up to three months at -18 degrees. 

Defrosting Your Nutriyum Baby Food

Take out only the serving size you require and put the Nurtiyum packaging straight back in the freezer. To defrost we recommend leaving it in the fridge overnight, however, for quick meals and only when necessary you can defrost your Baby Food in the microwave

Heating Instructions

1. On the stove (Recommend Option):

Choose the number of cubes to serve and place them in a small pot on the stove top. Bring up to heat slowly making sure not to over heat. Keep stirring the baby food until warm enough to serve. Always check the temperature of the food before serving to baby.
2. In the microwave:

Choose the number of cubes to serve and place them in a small bowl.  Depending on microwave power heat for approximately 40sec – 90sec. Remove the bowl from the microwave & stir. When using the microwave make sure to check for hot spots. Always check the temperature of the food before serving to baby.

Never Re-Freeze your Nutriyum Baby Food once its been defrosted

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many months must my baby be before I can start feeding him/her Baby Food?

We recommend that you start our Nutriyum stage one baby food from 6 months, but all babies are different and you should trust your instincts. Remember that baby food is a supplement and is not intended to replace breast milk or formula.  

2. When is my baby ready for baby food?

Your baby needs to be able to keep his head in a steady, upright position and have good head control. Your baby also needs to stop using his/her tongue to push food out of his mouth, this is called the tongue thrust reflex.  It is important that before you introduce baby foods to your little bundle of joy he/she should be able to able to sit upright on his own or with only limited support. It is recommended that you consult your pediatrician before introducing baby food. 

3. How do we keep our baby food fresh if Nutriyum is preservative free?  

The answer is Fast Freezing. Freezing is a proven method and has been used for centuries to keep all the goodness and healthy nutrients locked in until it’s ready to be served. 

4. Is one cube of Nutriyum baby food equal to one portion?

This all depends on your baby’s appetite, your baby will require more cubes per serving as he/she gets older. Our Cubes are 25ml in stages one and two, this ensures that there is minimal wastage. 

5. Can I take Nutriyum Baby Food on holiday?

Yes, absolutely! Just remember that baby food must be kept frozen during transit. You can use a cooler box to transport your baby food and place in the freezer when you get to your destination. Do not refreeze our Nutriyum food once it has been defrosted.

 If you have any other questions simply email Sade on